Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Controlled Squeezing and Squirting

The party was a success!  The weather cooperated and the kids had fun.  I've already shared a couple of things I created for the party as I made them this past month, but there's still more to share.  You haven't seen the cupcakes yet!  I used a cake mix and store bought frosting because I'm no baker but I can add food coloring.  I piped the frosting on for a fancy-schmancy effect because that's the extent of my pastry skills -- controlled squeezing and squirting.  Then I topped them off with a pre-made, usually edible, decoration.  Feast your eyes on these:

This time I really pushed my skills to the limit and made candies with a seashell mold I found at Joann's - which was just as easy as the back of the package made it seem. 

I dipped some of the cupcakes in a shallow dish filled with store bought graham cracker crumbs to make "sand" and then put a dollop of frosting on the back of the shell to help it stay in place.

I got the crab idea from a cupcake book I checked out at the library.  I'll have all the information on that in an upcoming tutorial.  It, too was super easy to assemble and very popular with the younger guests.

The rest of the cupcakes were adorned with gummy candy or plastic pics left over from previous parties.

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