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Crab Cupcakes - They'll Do in a Pinch!

This is How to Make Crab Cupcake-Toppers
I made these crab cupcakes for my daughter's sea creature-themed birthday party and they were a huge hit with the adults and kids alike.  I came across them in a book I checked out at the library called "Super-Duper Cupcakes: Kids' Creations from the Cupcake Caboose."  It's by Elaine Cohen and I'd recommend looking through it if you're planning a party for kids - there are some really neat ideas for a variety of different themes.

This is What You Need

  • A package of orange slices (orange smiles) gummy candy.  You'll need three pieces for each crab.
  • A tube of black decorating gel
  • A sharp knife
  • A cutting board
  • Some frosted cupcakes that need a finishing touch or "pinch," I should say.  A blue frosting looks nice as does a graham cracker crumb sand effect.
This is What You Do
Cut 3 pieces of candy in half lengthwise so each one makes two thin half-circles. 

You should end up with 6 half-circles.  This photo only shows 2, but you get the idea.

Set one of the half-circles aside - it will be the crab's body.  Eat one of the half-circles or save it in case you mess up somewhere along the line. You should have 4 half-circles to work with now.  Cut the rounded edge off of these 4 half-circles.

You should end up with 4 pointy pieces and 4 rectangles.  This photo only shows 2 of each, but you get the idea...again.

Set aside the 4 pointy pieces - they will be the crab's claws.  Cut one of the rectangles in half lengthwise to make 2 rectangular strips.  Eat the leftover rectangle or save it in case you mess up.

Cut 4 little squares from one of the rectangular strips - these will be the joints that connect the crab's claws to his body and his eyes.  You won't use the whole strip.

Cut 4 or 6 tiny rectangles from the remaining strips - these will be the legs  They should be about half the size of the squares you cut for the joints.  I say 4 or 6 because they are sticky and tricky to work with.  You might not want to make all 6 and they look just fine with 4.

Now you should have all of these pieces:

Time to assemble your crab.  It's best to assemble it on the cutting board first so you have an idea of where to place it on your cupcake.  They do fit on a regular sized cupcake, but it's a tight squeeze.  A Texas sized cupcake would allow more room for the little fella.  Start with the main body piece and then add one square joint on either side.  Then add 2 square pieces along the straight edge of the body for the eyes.  Place the legs along the bottom of the body in two clusters.  Use one drop of the decorating gel on each eye square to complete the eyes.

Now he just needs some claws!  Use two of the pointy claw pieces on each side to finish your little crustacean.

Once you've got him all laid out you can put him right on top of the frosting and he'll stick perfectly.  If you want a sandy effect, dip a white-frosted cupcake into a shallow dish filled with crushed graham cracker crumbs.  You'll need to put a dollop of frosting on the crab's body piece and claw pieces to get them to adhere to the crumbs.  The small square pieces will be fine without a dollop because they easily stick to the body on thier own.
Feel free to contact me if any part of this tutorial leaves you scratching your head and wondering what the heck I'm talking about.  This is my first attempt at a tutorial and I'm sure there's room for improvement.

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  1. Seriously cute! I would never have thought of that. I need to get my hands on that book!


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