Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crafts and Activities for a Sea Creature Party

These days, all of my crafty energies are being devoted to getting things ready for the fast-approaching sea creature-themed birthday party.  So that's what I'll be sharing until the 19th has come and gone.  Between affixing goopy layers of newspaper to the jellyfish-shaped glob in my garage (it's supposed to be a pinata in a couple of days) I've been gathering supplies for the crafty portion of the party.  Here's the test-run of the "make your own picture frame" craft:

I borrowed one of those small photo printers and plan to take a picture of each kid as they arrive.  If all goes as planned, the pictures will be ready for their foamy adornments by craft time.  Traditionally, I am not a fan of these pre-cut foamy things.  There is little room left for imagination and creativity when your shapes are predetermined.  However, they are just what the doctor ordered when you need a quick, simple, party craft that's appropriate for all ages.  It was really easy to find shapes that went with my theme, they're self-adhesive and they're affordable.   

The supplies for the "make your own sea creature bracelet" craft are also ready and now all we need are some eager party guests to string 'em up!

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