Tuesday, November 10, 2009

House Warming Party Invitations

That's what I'll be doing next Tuesday, along with the help of my two other sisters and my mom.  My sister Jennie and her two kids moved in to their brand new house in September and it's high time they had a housewarming party to showcase their accomplishement - it took a year to construct and they (my sister, mainly) helped out with much of the labor. 

So, in between blowing my nose and caring for my ailing child (we're both really close to being totally healthy again) I've been designing and assembling these housewarming/open house invitations.


The boxes are unpacked,
The curtains hung with care,
But Jennifer's kitchen
Is still pretty bare.
(she doesn't even have a cookie sheet!)


Now I need to corral my co-hosts and decide what kind of snacks we're going to serve.  I'm also working on some party favors for the visitors to take home and enjoy later.  Stay tuned for more housewarming posts to come in the near future!

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