Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Only Apron of 2009

How did I let that happen?  In 365 days I could manage to make just one apron?  I feel such shame.  My New Year's resolution:  make more aprons in 2010!  Last year's resolution to floss my teeth more regularly went very well, so I have high hopes for this one.  Let's move away from the subject of my dental hygiene because I understand how that might gross some people out.  I made my niece, Noelle, a new apron for Christmas because she outgrew the cherry apron I made for her a couple of years ago.

I found these cute birds and polka dots at one of the few fabric shops in my area.  If they had a website I'd link them here, but alas, they do not.  If you're ever in Chehalis, WA be sure to check out Sister's Fabric.  It's right downtown and since downtown consists of three, possibly four blocks, you won't have a hard time finding it.  I'm pretty sure Noelle likes these perfect birds as much as I do.

Just for good measure, I'll leave you with one more photo of the apron.  C'mon!  It's the only apron I made all year - and aprons are my favorite thing to make - so I may have overdone it just a tad with all the photos.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Made Some Peppermint Bark. Arf! Arf!

I made it a couple of weeks ago, actually.  We had quite a collection of broken candy canes from the local Santa Parade that we attended at the beginning of December.  Note to self:  if you're ever in a parade, be sure to throw candy that doesn't shatter when it hits the pavement.  

When I stumbled across this recipe for peppermint bark from Ellen over at The Long Thread I knew it'd be a perfect application for our parade candy canes.  She also shared some "Wishing you a sweet holiday" labels for readers to download and print.  So, I did just that and put together a delightful Christmas gift for Susannah's preschool teacher. 

The bark was very simple to make.  We made half of the recipe and it was enough to fill one 12oz. tea tin and one 24oz. tea tin (with a handful left over for us to munch on).  We lined the tins with parchment paper and kept the bark refrigerated until we were ready to deliver it. 

I also came across this peppermint label while perusing Lime Gardenias.  I used it on the back to cover up some of the evidence that these used to be tea tins. 

I printed the labels onto white cardstock and cut them out.  I used a spray-on adhesive on the backs of the lables and they attached very securely to the tins.  I also used some craft glue to add a finishing touch to the lids.

Overall, a nice, sweet holiday gift for teachers or neighbors, etc.  I'm also kickin' around the idea of making some for Valentine's day with the leftover candycanes we'll have after we take the tree down.  Perhaps a bit of red food coloring would make them a pepto-pink color suitable for February 14th?  We'll see!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

One of These Things is Not Like the Others...

If you're familiar with old school Sesame Street, you're probably humming the tune to this little educational ditty right now and trying to remember the rest of the lyrics.  Sorry, I can't help you because I don't know the rest of the words and I don't have time to Google that inquiry.  I'm just trying to squeeze in one last post before all the Christmas festivities start! 

So, did you figure out which of these things just doesn't belong?  I didn't do it on purpose, but I made Susannah's stocking "backwards" compared to the others!  Ooops!  A fairly easy thing to remedy if you have extra iron-on letters, which I don't.  So, this year at least, it'll be marching to it's own drummer.  I guess I could claim that I did it on purpose to make her stocking stand out more and grab Santa's attention.  Anyhoo, with the stockings hung on the coat rack with care I now need to find a temporary home for all this outerwear:

Just some food left to prepare and then some Santa's helper work left to do after a certain someone is tucked into bed - and Christmas will be in full swing!  I wish you all safe and merry and stress-free Christmas celebrations!  That said, I'll leave you with some more photos of my stocking handiwork. 

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Something New, Something Blue

Whew!  I finished this embroidered wedding gift just in time for the reception on Saturday. 

This was created from a Jenny B. Harris embroidery design.  If you're into embroidery (or just cute, fun blogs) I'd highly recommend exploring her Allsorts blog.  Anyhoo, this is my most involved embroidery attempt and my first piece of framed embroidery.  I sewed a fabric border around it and placed some batting between it and the back of the picture frame.  It looks quite handsome all framed and finished.  Now for some closeups and reminder to comment on my December 1st post for a chance to win that little rodent down there.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giveaway Day...Almost

Okay, so it's not technically December 2nd yet, but the deadline of 9AM EST translates to way-too-early-for-blogging in PST so I'm getting my giveaway post done a bit early.  What is this Giveaway Day I keep yammering about?  It's organized by Sew Mama Sew and it goes a little somethin' like this:  folks with blogs or shops list a giveaway item in their Dec. 2nd post and all commenters on that post have a chance to win said item.   You can find a comprehensive list of all participants at Sew Mama Sew.  Before I get into more details, let me show you what I have up for grabs for one lucky commenter.

EEK!  Perhaps it's just because I am his creator, but I think this little mouse is darn cute!  An 8 inch wooden hoop is the frame for this mixture of ecofelt applique and embroidery.  It hangs right on a tack or nail and also looks nice suspended from a strand of ribbon. 

The nitty gritty details:  I will ship internationally and the winner will be chosen randomly. This giveaway will be open until December 6th.  After that, I'll post who the lucky winner is and have this little mouse in the mail by December 12th. 

Now, leave a comment on this post and then scurry over to Sew Mama Sew where you can browse a list of participating blogs and shops and check out what they're giving away today!

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