Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Say Garland. You Say Banner.

Let's call the whole thing "cute on a string."

What do you get for the little girl who has it all?  Why, a garland featuring her name of course!  Yeah.  I'm calling it a garland.  I don't know the technical differences between garlands and banners and I like the way garland sounds.  So, garland it is!  You might recognize the bird fabric from my recent apron post.  I've still got more left so I'm thinking of making something very similar for my daughter.  
I took lots of pictures along the way and I'm putting together a tutorial for it.  I hope to have it posted really, really soon. 

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  1. More than cute on a string! So pretty! Can't wait to see the tutorial :)

  2. Adorable! Very inspiring! Can't wait to see the tutorial!

  3. very cute! I like you used felt for the letters!

  4. this is so adorable! what a lucky little girl! :o)


  5. Very well done! What I especially like is that the letters are removable, so you could make one set of letters and have multiple banners. Thanks for sharing ... I've posted a link.

  6. so adorable! I love the fabric and can't wait to see a tutorial.


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