Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jellyfish Valentine Tutorial

Jellyfish Valentine Topper Tutorial
works swimmingly as a pencil-topper, tootsie pop-topper, or sucker-topper

As promised in my Super Cute Sea Creatures...Simplified and Valentine-ized post, I've put together a couple of tutorials so you can join in the fun!  The first is a tutorial for the jellyfish topper.  Tomorrow I'll post a tutorial for the starfish and the octopus toppers.  Both tutorials are short and sweet and there's lots of room for personalization and embellishments.

Here's what you'll need:
.pdf file for futuregirl's Supercute Sea Creatures
cardstock paper
felt (I used ecofelt, but wool felt would also work)
pen that'll write on felt (I used a fabric marker, but a Sharpie would also work)
straight pin
craft glue
glitter glue
googly eyes
heart stickers

1.  Get Your Template Ready
Download futuregirl's .pdf file and print it out.  If you're making sucker or tootsie pop-toppers, enlarge the jellyfish shape by 25%(I had the good people at the copy shop help me with this part).  If you're making pencil-toppers you can keep the original size and skip the enlarging step.

Cut out the jellyfish shape and trace it onto cardstock.  You don't need the tentacles or any of the details, just the main jellyfish body shape. 

Add 1 inch to the length of the shape and cut it out.  This is your template.

2.  Make Some Felt Jellyfish Bodies
Lay your template on the less-fuzzy side of the felt (if there is one) and trace around it.  You need 2 body pieces for each valentine and it's easy to cut through two thicknesses of felt.  So, place the felt with the tracing on top of another piece of felt and pin them together.

Cut around your traced lines.  If you used a dark-colored marker that won't wash off, be sure to cut inside the traced lines so the marker won't be on the finished product.

3.  Tentacles! Tentacles! Tentacles!
Cut 10 pieces of yarn, each about 5 inches each in length.  Tentacle length is a personal choice, really.  I started with 5 inches and then trimmed the tentacles as necessary.  The pencil-toppers looked nice with 5 inches, the sucker and tootsie pop-toppers looked better with shorter, 2 inch tentacles. 

Lay both body pieces wrong side up (if there is a difference in sides, you can choose which you prefer to be the right side).  Use craft glue to secure 5 strands of yarn, evenly spaced, along the bottom edge of each piece.

4.  Assemble the Body
After the tentacles are completely dry, apply a line of glue on the wrong side of one body piece.  Use the dots below as a guide.  Follow the orange dots if this will be adorning a pencil and follow the blue dots if this will be adorning a sucker or tootsie pop. 

After the glue has been applied, affix the second body piece so that the wrong sides of both pieces are glued together.

5.  Jellyfish Embellyfish (Embellish Your Jellyfish)
I affixed some googly eyes with craft glue and used glitter glue to make the smile and some jellyfish-like markings that were loosely based on futuregirl's pattern.  A note about glitter glue:  it takes a couple of hours to dry completely.

I also used heart stickers to valentine-ize the tentacles.  Simply sandwich the yarn between two same-sized stickers.

As I mentioned earlier, keep the tentacles long for pencil-toppers.  For suckers or tootsie pops, you might want to perform a little tentacle trim.

6.  Add a Note
Put your thinking cap on and come up with a cute, lovey-dovey note (preferably utilizing a pun).  I went with "I turn to jelly whenever you're near, Valentine."  Print it out on a piece of paper, leaving an inch or so of blank space before the sentence begins.  Cut it out in a strip and use craft glue to attach it near the end of the stick, whether it be a sucker stick or a pencil.

(The only photo I have of this step features a starfish.)

7.  Adorn A Valentine Goody
When you're absolutely sure that everything is dry and secure, slip your felt jellyfish over the valentine goody of your choice.  


I wish I'd known this before I purchased my valentine candy:
There are 16 Tootsie Pops in a 9.6 oz. bag.
There are 21 flat suckers in an 11.5 oz. bag.

8.  You're Not Done Yet, Mister!
Take some photos of your sea creature creations and send them my way.  I love seeing what other people have made using my rambling tutorials and I'll feature them on my blog if you give me permission.  Also, add them to futuregirl's Supercute Sea Creatures Flickr group.  Share the cuteness!

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  1. Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Handcraft category today (look for timestamp: [09 Feb 03:00pm GMT]).

  2. My initial thought on seeing this pencil topper apart from it being cute is that these toppers would look great on lollipops too. They are so adorable. I love crafts and pencil toppers and have started a collection too. Thanks so much for inspiring...


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