Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Octopus and Starfish Valentine Tutorial

A Tutorial for Octopus and Starfish Valentine Toppers
these work swimmingly as sucker-toppers, tootsie pop-toppers, or pencil-toppers

Here's the final tutorial for making the valentines from my Supercute Sea Creatures...Simplified and Valentine-ized post.  Follow these simple steps to create either starfish or octopus toppers for your valentines. 

Here's what you'll need:
.pdf file for futuregirl's Supercute Sea Creatures
cardstock paper
felt (I used ecofelt, but wool felt would also work)
pen that'll write on felt (I used a fabric marker, but a Sharpie would also work)
straight pins
craft glue
glitter glue
googly eyes
heart hole punch

1.  Get Your Template Ready
Download futuregirl's .pdf file and print it out. If you're making sucker or tootsie pop-toppers, enlarge the shape you want by 25% (I had the good people at the copy shop help me with this part).  I also found that the octopi look better atop a sucker instead of a tootsie pop.  If you have your heart set on octopi-topped tootsie pops, I'd recommend enlarging the pattern even more to accomodate the bulbous-ness.

If you're making pencil-toppers you can keep the original size and skip the enlarging step.

Cut out your shape and trace it onto cardstock.  You don't need any of the details, just the main body shape.  This will be your template.

2.  Cut the Felt Body Pieces 
Lay your template on the less-fuzzy side of the felt (if there is one) and trace around it.  You need 2 body pieces for each valentine and it's easy to cut through two thicknesses of felt.  So, place the felt with the tracing on top of another piece of felt and pin them together.  If you're making an octopus, be sure to pin each tentacle so nothing shifts while you're cutting.

Cut around your traced lines.  If you used a dark-colored marker that won't wash off, be sure to cut inside the traced lines so the marker won't be visible on the finished product.

3.  Embellish Those Guys!
Lay one of the body pieces right side up on a flat surface and decorate it to your liking.

I affixed some googly eyes with craft glue and used glitter glue to make the smile and some starfish-like markings that were based on futuregirl's pattern. A note about glitter glue: it takes a couple of hours to dry completely.

To make "suckers" on the octopus tentacles, lay both octopus pieces so they are facing the same way, with the googly eyes and any other markings face down on the table (see the photo below if I'm not making sense).  Make glitter glue dots on the ends of each tentacle. 


4.  Assemble the Sea Creatures
After the embellishments are completely dry, apply a line of glue on the wrong side of one body piece.  Use the dots below as a guide.

For the starfish: follow the blue dots if it will be adorning a pencil and follow the black dots if it will be adorning a sucker or tootsie pop.

For the octopus:  follow the purple dots if it will be adorning a pencil and follow the blue dots if it will be adorning a sucker.


After the glue has been applied, affix the second body piece so that the wrong sides of both pieces are glued together.  For the octopus, the suckers will actually be "sandwiched" together so that the tentacles are going in opposite directions and some suckers are visible from the front and some suckers are visible from the back.

5.  Let's Make a "Hug Me" Heart
Print out "hug me" onto cardstock of your color choice.  I used pink cardstock and a darker pink for the letters.  I also used Arial size 14 for the font.

Be sure to leave ample space between "hug me's" if you're making more than one heart.  Use a heart paper punch to cut them out. 

Tuck a heart under a portion of the curliest tentacle and glue it into place.

6.  Make a Note
Put your thinking cap on and come up with a cute, lovey-dovey note for the starfish (preferably utilizing a pun).  I went with "Happy Valentine's Day to the only star I sea."

Print it out on a piece of paper, leaving an inch or so of blank space before the sentence begins.  Cut it out in a strip and use craft glue to attach it near the end of the stick, whether it be a sucker stick or a pencil.

7.  Adorn a Goody
When you're absolutely sure that everything is dry and secure, slip your felt sea creature over the valentine goody of your choice.

I wish I'd known this before I purchased my valentine candy:
There are 16 Tootsie Pops in a 9.6 oz. bag.
There are 21 flat suckers in an 11.5 oz. bag.

8. You're Not Done Yet, Mister!
Take some photos of your sea creature creations and send them my way.  I love seeing what other people have made using my rambling tutorials and I'll feature them on my blog if you give me permission.  Also, add them to futuregirl's Supercute Sea Creatures Flickr group.    Share the cuteness!

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