Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Peeps Shirt for Easter

The dichotomy of Peeps:  they look as though they'd taste great - the festive colors, cute shapes, and sparkly sugary coating - but they're GROSS!  Well, that's just my opinion.  Something about a mouthful of marshmallow, no matter how cute it looks in the package, just isn't for me.  I have a similar issue with candy corns.  They appear to be delicious little morsels of Halloween goodness, but they're overpoweringly sweet and not tasty at all.  I apologize if I'm offending anyone with my views on holiday treats.  I'll stop my rambling now and get to the crafty point...this shirt:

Susannah loves it!  I tried to get some photos of her wearing it before we headed out to library story time yesterday.  How do you get a wiggly four year old to hold still and look at the camera for a photo without it looking forced or awkward?  If you know of any tips for photographing preschoolers, please do share.

I got the idea for this Peep shirt from a blog called All the Small Things.  There's a handy tutorial posted there for a bunny Peeps shirt.  My version is altered slightly - my bunnies are larger and I used fleece instead of cotton fabric.  Hop on over there if you want a peep shirt of your's a really simple project!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nothing Says Spring Like Pinwheels

I'm trying to put together a little somethin' for a certain somethin' I have planned for the near future.  Somethin' springy.  Somethin' fun.  These mini pinwheels will be perfect for what I have in mind!

I've put together quite a few - they're a snap to make!  It's been fun going through my fabric scraps and mixing and matching festive patterns and spring-time colors.

I've had two tutorials for making fabric pinwheels on my list of things to try and I used elements of both to create this batch of pinwheel goodness.  I used the fabric preparation steps in Little Jenny Wren's tutorial for Pinwheel Bobbypins (what size to cut my fabric, how to use the iron on fusible web stuff, etc.).  I referred to a Spring Fling Fabric Pinwheels tutorial from Choochmagooz to figure out how to use a needle, thread and button to transform a square of fabric into a darling little pinwheel.  Both of these tutorials will yield beautiful results if you're in the mood pinwheels!

You've probably noticed that my pinwheels have little threads hanging from them...that's because I haven't figured out what to attach them to yet.  The possibilities are endless.  They could be used to accessorize so many things!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crafty Husband Makes Gromit Cake

It's the eve of your 32nd birthday and you hear your husband bustling around in the kitchen.  What do you suspect he's up to in there?

A)  He's preparing his nightly bowl of Cocoa Pebbles a bit earlier than usual.
B)  He stashed your birthday present in there because you've discovered his other hiding places over the years.
C)  He's trying his best to make you a birthday cake shaped like Gromit (the dog from your favorite claymation show, Wallace and Gromit).
D)  He's cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom as a thoughtful "happy birthday" gesture.

If your answer is C, you're right!

He was almost too cute to eat.
Not a bad representation, right?

Perhaps next year he'll try a Wallace cake.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rainbow Cupcakes for Little Leprechauns

We are really diggin' the March issue of Family Fun!  Yesterday, Susannah and I followed their recipe for Taste a Rainbow cupcakes.  We didn't have much success getting the outsides of the cupcakes to look like a rainbow (ours had more of a tie dye thing goin' on) but the insides of the cupcakes were bright and brilliant...very rainbow-y!

Susannah was able to help with every aspect of rainbow-cupcake-making except for the actual doling out of the batter among the muffin cups - even I struggled with getting each layer smoothed out without getting the colors all mixed together.  I think her favorite step was using the food coloring and watching the colors develop as she mixed.

After frosing them white we adorned them with Skittles.  We should have gone the extra mile and purchased the berry flavored Skittles, too, so the rainbows would be complete; but I didn't think of that until it was too late.  So our rainbows are missing blue - they're still delicous!

We took these rainbow-y treats to preschool today for a festive St. Patrick's Day snack.   

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Around Here We Call It St. Patchwork's Day

I made a skirt!  It's a St. Patrick's Day skirt for Susannah.  I so enjoy St. Patrick's Day.  My name is Irish (I think the traditional spelling has an 'h' and maybe an extra 'e' in there somewhere, though) but I am not of Irish descent.  I just like the idea of mischeivous leprechauns and pinching people and eating green food and rainbows and luck and stuff like that.  Also, my birthday is the day before St. Patrick's Day and I think any lingering birthday excitement has just always been carried over into the 17th.  Ooops.  I'm skirting the issue, aren't I?  Back to the reason for this post:

[I should know better than to say "smile" because it always leads to a unnatural smile like this - just try to focus on the skirt.]

I followed this tutorial from Melissa at The Polka Dot Chair - a great crafty blog.  I altered the waisband a bit, but ended up with the same result - a full, twirly skirt that Susannah loves to wear!

Here's a close-up of the fun, green fabrics I used: 

I think that making more skirts is definitely in my future.  It was an easy task for a beginning sewist such as myself and it was fun!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Bird Watching

Look at this festive bird we spotted in the backyard yesterday!

I love the rainbow-colored plumage.  It must be the St. Patrick's Day bird I've heard tell about...a species not native to North America.  I wonder why it's here?  Perhaps global warming has forced it to alter its migratory pattern?  Hmmm.  I shall contact the National Audubon Society and inform them of this aberration straightaway!   

Okay, okay, okay.  This whimsical creature is actually made out of cardstock and tacky glue.  Susannah and I followed the directions in the March issue of Family Fun magazine and made two of these Curly Birds

The rainbow bird is no longer with us.  We gave it some clothespin feet and attached it to my sister's birthday present...a nice way to personalize an otherwise run-of-the-mill gift certificate.   

These were really simple to make and a fun rainy day craft.  Susannah loved playing with them after the glue was dry.  She clipped them to a twig and made them do flips and whatnot. 


Later, she used them to thwart my photo-taking efforts. 

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