Monday, March 8, 2010

Bird Watching

Look at this festive bird we spotted in the backyard yesterday!

I love the rainbow-colored plumage.  It must be the St. Patrick's Day bird I've heard tell about...a species not native to North America.  I wonder why it's here?  Perhaps global warming has forced it to alter its migratory pattern?  Hmmm.  I shall contact the National Audubon Society and inform them of this aberration straightaway!   

Okay, okay, okay.  This whimsical creature is actually made out of cardstock and tacky glue.  Susannah and I followed the directions in the March issue of Family Fun magazine and made two of these Curly Birds

The rainbow bird is no longer with us.  We gave it some clothespin feet and attached it to my sister's birthday present...a nice way to personalize an otherwise run-of-the-mill gift certificate.   

These were really simple to make and a fun rainy day craft.  Susannah loved playing with them after the glue was dry.  She clipped them to a twig and made them do flips and whatnot. 


Later, she used them to thwart my photo-taking efforts. 

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  1. Fabulous idea Megan! How very tweet;)

  2. Too cute!Stopping by from Tot Tuesdays.
    -Mama E


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