Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crafty Husband Makes Gromit Cake

It's the eve of your 32nd birthday and you hear your husband bustling around in the kitchen.  What do you suspect he's up to in there?

A)  He's preparing his nightly bowl of Cocoa Pebbles a bit earlier than usual.
B)  He stashed your birthday present in there because you've discovered his other hiding places over the years.
C)  He's trying his best to make you a birthday cake shaped like Gromit (the dog from your favorite claymation show, Wallace and Gromit).
D)  He's cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom as a thoughtful "happy birthday" gesture.

If your answer is C, you're right!

He was almost too cute to eat.
Not a bad representation, right?

Perhaps next year he'll try a Wallace cake.

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  1. oh my! that is so sweet of him! He did a fabulous job! And happy belated birthday!


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