Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nothing Says Spring Like Pinwheels

I'm trying to put together a little somethin' for a certain somethin' I have planned for the near future.  Somethin' springy.  Somethin' fun.  These mini pinwheels will be perfect for what I have in mind!

I've put together quite a few - they're a snap to make!  It's been fun going through my fabric scraps and mixing and matching festive patterns and spring-time colors.

I've had two tutorials for making fabric pinwheels on my list of things to try and I used elements of both to create this batch of pinwheel goodness.  I used the fabric preparation steps in Little Jenny Wren's tutorial for Pinwheel Bobbypins (what size to cut my fabric, how to use the iron on fusible web stuff, etc.).  I referred to a Spring Fling Fabric Pinwheels tutorial from Choochmagooz to figure out how to use a needle, thread and button to transform a square of fabric into a darling little pinwheel.  Both of these tutorials will yield beautiful results if you're in the mood pinwheels!

You've probably noticed that my pinwheels have little threads hanging from them...that's because I haven't figured out what to attach them to yet.  The possibilities are endless.  They could be used to accessorize so many things!

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  1. I love all of these... they make me smile. I can't to see what you do with them!

  2. They look great. Such happy colours.

  3. Oh Megan They turned out fantastic!!! I love them all...Welcome Spring!!!


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