Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rainbow Cupcakes for Little Leprechauns

We are really diggin' the March issue of Family Fun!  Yesterday, Susannah and I followed their recipe for Taste a Rainbow cupcakes.  We didn't have much success getting the outsides of the cupcakes to look like a rainbow (ours had more of a tie dye thing goin' on) but the insides of the cupcakes were bright and brilliant...very rainbow-y!

Susannah was able to help with every aspect of rainbow-cupcake-making except for the actual doling out of the batter among the muffin cups - even I struggled with getting each layer smoothed out without getting the colors all mixed together.  I think her favorite step was using the food coloring and watching the colors develop as she mixed.

After frosing them white we adorned them with Skittles.  We should have gone the extra mile and purchased the berry flavored Skittles, too, so the rainbows would be complete; but I didn't think of that until it was too late.  So our rainbows are missing blue - they're still delicous!

We took these rainbow-y treats to preschool today for a festive St. Patrick's Day snack.   

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  1. These turned out great! I have always wanted to try these. The inside looks so cool {and yummy} Thanks for linking up!

  2. How awesome are these?! I'm helping throw a special girl's four-year-old birthday party, and she told us she wanted "colors!" when we asked. So these are totally colorful and going to be a hit! :) Thanks for stopping by the Cupcake Carnival! Be sure to come back and enter the giveaways.



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