Friday, April 2, 2010

Fuzzy Easter Animals

My sister and her two children came over to visit yesterday.  There was no school yesterday and the weather was crappy (it's spring break around these parts) - so we were all itchin' for something to entertain us and keep us busy...a perfect opportunity to whittle away at my to-do list!  I rifled through my collection of torn out magazine pages and discovered these Barnyard Cuties from Family Fun's March 2008 issue.

Oh!  The cuteness is killing me!  When you're done oohing and squealing about how cute your styrofoam-eggs-wrapped-in-yarn creations are, you can use them as place markers for Easter gatherings (just glue the name to a toothpick and spear your critter):

They're also very stackable and make nice pyramids:

Overall, this was a perfect rainy day craft for all ages.  We had a 4 year old, an 8 year old, an 11 year old, a 29 year old, and a 32 year old and it was equally enjoyable for us all.  The only craft supply that I didn't have on hand was a package of styrofoam eggs, so this was an inexpensive endeavor, which is always nice. 

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  1. what a sweet idea. And easy you to make too. Nice.

  2. waaa..... cute for easter... :)
    i lovvveee your project and happy easter :)


  3. Those are adorable! I love the idea of using them as place tags. :)

  4. I bet you could do this same thing on the cheap plastic eggs that come apart and wrap them so that they could still be filled and broke apart with candy inside! My creative juices are flowing for next year!!

  5. Beautiful


  6. Those are the cutest things ever! Love the rear view! :)


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