Friday, May 28, 2010

Tutorial for Paper-Covered Canisters, Tins, etc.

"My name is Megan and I hoard containers." 
That'd be my line if I attended a hoarder's anonymous meeting.

My weakness is for cylindrical containers, mostly.  Tea tins (my favorite), baby formula cans, that tall and skinny tube that Crystal Light comes get the picture.  After I wash and dry them thoroughly I cover them in fancy paper (and maybe some ribbon or other accessories) and use them for gift-giving.  They can be filled with any manner of gift - baked goods, candy, bath salts, drink mixes, etc. 

I'm sure there are many methods and sources for inspiration out there, and with the addition of this tutorial, a Google search for "covered tins" will yield yet another.

You'll need:
a cylindrical container
measuring tape
scrapbook paper
scissors (a paper trimmer is handy too)
spray-on adhesive
craft glue
rubber bands
ribbon or any other accessories

Start with a clean, empty tin.  Remove any labels that may show through the paper.

Measure the height of tin.  This measurement should be only the area that you want covered with paper.  For the tin in this example I couldn't cover the entire height of the tin because the metal ring from the clasp was in the way.  Also keep in mind that some lids won't fit correctly over the paper, so you may need to measure up to the rim of the lid and not up to the rim of the tin.

Measure the circumference of the tin and add about a half an inch for some overlap.

Cut a piece of fancy paper to these dimensions.

Before applying any glue, hold the paper onto the tin and eyeball it to make sure it's going to fit snugly.  Trim your paper if necessary.

Apply spray-on adhesive to the back of the paper according to the directions on the label.  You're going to need a ventilated area (like the garage) and a surface that you don't mind getting sticky (like a piece of scrap paper). 

Apply the paper to the tin, smoothing it down as you go.  If there's a definite front and back to your tin you'll want to position the paper so the seam is on the back.  There should be a bit of overlap at the seam. 

Depending on the thickness/weight of the paper you chose, you may need to secure the seam with some craft glue.  I found that regular weight paper didn't need any reinforcement but heavier (like cardstock) did.  I gently lifted the seam and applied a line of clear craft glue.  Then I pressed it back down and used a couple of rubber bands to hold it in place while it dried. 

Cut a piece of ribbon that's your circumference measurement plus an extra 1/4 inch.  Apply a line of glue to the first inch or so of ribbon and press it onto the tin.  Keep in mind that you'll want the seam to be in the back of tin.

Let it dry completely and then apply more glue to a couple of inches of the tin.  Press the ribbon down onto it and let it dry completely before doing this again and again - until your ribbon is securely adorning your tin.

If you have a tricky spot (like a space between the tin and the hinge for the lid) make sure your seam does not end there because it's too difficult to get your fingers in there and press down the end of the ribbon.  Instead, apply some glue to the ribbon and shimmy it into the tight space. 

Now you're done.  Unless, of course, you want to further accessorize your tin.  You can also add a little gift tag as a finishing touch! 

If you want more tin inspiration, check out this post where I got a little carried away covering cylindrical containers.  Or take a look at this tin that I filled with peppermint bark and gave to Susannah's preschool teacher.

One last thing before you go.  Share some photos of your covered creations with me if you give this tutorial a try.  Just email them my way!

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