Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Green and Refreshing Smoothie

Around here, summer time is smoothie time and I'm always on the lookout for new recipes.  A couple of weeks ago Susannah found an interesting recipe in a National Geographic Little Kids magazine she checked out from the libarary.  It was a March issue and it's billed as a Shamrock Smoothie.  I don't know about you, but March weather in Washington does not put one in mind of we called it a Green Smoothie and went along our merry way.  Here are the before and after shots:

It's got tang!  It's got zip!  Not only is it refreshing to the taste buds, it's a refreshing change to your average berry smoothie!  Oh, and it's pretty darn healthy. 

I love this recipe format because Susannah was able to use it as her shopping list and then follow the recipe all by herself (aside from chopping up the kiwi and measuring the limeade) - and she was thrilled about that!  In fact, if anyone knows of a good resource for kid-friendly recipes in this format, PLEASE tell me about it.

The health inspector might disagree, but I think it's okay to prepare food in your swimsuit when you're four years old.  Don't worry, I was fully clothed.

Cheers and bottoms up! 

Here's the recipe in case it's too difficult to decipher the photo:

1 peeled banana, sliced and frozen
1 cup frozen green grapes
1 kiwi, peeled and chopped
1 cup washed baby spinach
8 oz. lime yogurt (only the 6 oz. cups are available here and that seemed to be plenty)
1/4 cup limeade

Put everything in the blender and blend it until it's all comined and happy and green!
Note:  if you don't think the tart flavor will suit you, use orange juice instead of limeade.  You could also try using vanilla or plain yogurt instead of lime OR add some honey.  Happy blending!

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  1. I have never tried any of the green drinks....this really sounds good!

  2. This morning I mixed vanilla yogurt with fresh mango's and strawberries. An idea for your maybe. Because I will surely write down your green recipe and give it a go!

  3. I'm always looking for new smoothie recipes! I will have to give this one a try! Thanks for sharing with Sister Sister Sunday!

  4. That looks yummy, and if you enjoyed it, you should check out this:

    Drinking these have changed my life, and my eating habits...It looks like you took the first step- just being able to drink something green colored can be challenging!

  5. I'm impressed. My girls loves smoothies but I'm doubtful I could get them to try one that is green (or that has spinach in it)! :)

  6. Looks healthy, I am glad that you tried this out. I'll have to see if I can get my son to drink some.

  7. Sounds delish...I need to run out and buy some spinach now.

  8. I love green smoothies, and this one sounds delicious with the lime in it. Mmmmmmmmmmm! Thanks for sharing! BTW Victoria Boutenko has a really interesting book on green smoothies with some great recipes's called Green For Life.

  9. MMMMMmmmmMMMMMMMMM, nutritious and delicious...can't beat that! ;)
    Thanks so much for linking up to gettin' crafty on hump day! :)

  10. This looks so healthy! thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for your nice comments as well!

  11. love it! spinach! love it! Anything to get my kids to eat healthy right.

  12. This rocks! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm featuring you today on Tot Tuesdays! :)

  13. Could you taste the spinach? That part worries me, but o so healthy and fun! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Mmmm...looks yummy! Kids love making blender drinks don't they!? Especially if it's green! :)


    This is a cookbook to use with your kids and it has picture recipes so your little chef doesn't have to be a reader yet.


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