Saturday, September 25, 2010

Food and Decorations at the Rainbow Party

There was no way I was having a rainbow birthday party without these tissue paper paper pom pom decorations that I've been seeing everywhere.  What a perfect craft (they're easy to assemble).  What a perfect decoration (you can make any color to fit your theme and they're cheap!).  Look what Buggie and Jellybean did with them...that is kind of what I was going for when I lashed them to a beam at the park shelter we rented for the party.

I used Martha Stewart's tutorial to make them and I also posted a bit more about them here. 

Another super-simple and affordable craft I used as decoration were these strip rainbows. 

Now, I don't know their official name, but they're made out of strips of paper, so strip rainbows seems appropriate.  Once again, this was not an original idea by me.  I didn't have time to use watercolors on white paper to make the strips like Clean Mama did, so I took the easy way out and used colored card stock.  I made a bunch of them and strung them up mobile-style (kinda) with some fishing line.  You can see the dangling strip rainbows if you look really closely:

Don't focus on the cluttered tables and the big red eyesore of a cooler.  This picture was taken during party set-up.  The snack table was much more presentable in its finished state.

Can you tell that a local hardware store had a coupon deal on bandanas?  Thirty-three cents each - no limit!  I think the party-planning gods must have been smiling on me!  I restrained myself from stocking up on them (because how many bandanas does a girl really need?) and just bought one in each color of the rainbow.  I used thumbtacks to attach them to the sides of the picnic tables because (a) I ran out of time to chop them up make an actual bunting and (b) because I'm cheap and now I can use them again.

On to the snacks.  They were all pretty simple.  I tried to keep either the food or the dish it was served in bright and cheery to match the theme.

These fruit kabobs would have been closer to rainbow status had I not forgotten the cantaloupe at home in the fridge.  My vision was red (strawberry), orange (the cantaloupe that I left behind), yellow (pineapple), green (Granny Smith apples), no blue because blueberries were too expensive and tiny, purple (big, juicy grapes).  Fruity and delicious!

The veggie tray is only half a rainbow.  I've got red and yellow bell peppers, carrots and cucumbers.  Are there any veggies for blue and purple that you can think of that would work at a party? 

The rest of the food is not especially noteworthy/photo worthy.  Just some chips, trail mix, cheese and stuff in colorful bowls and platters.  Oh, and I'll do the desserty, sweet goodies in another post...there were lots of those!

Another easy way to add color to the table was buying paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery in six colors.  Luckily, I had a lot of leftovers from previous parties so I didn't have to purchase much.

I covered a cardboard six-pack container with paper, added some ribbon and a cute printable from Paper Glitter to create a perfect spot for the forks, knives and spoons.  We've got all six colors represented with the plates and napkins...and, yes, those are gold spray-painted rocks keeping those napkins from flying away with the breeze.  Get it?  Like gold at the end of the rainbow? 

Alright.  There's your daily dose of rainbow.

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  1. Beautiful! I especially love the pom poms. I bet she loved her party.

  2. Love, love, love the pom poms! So colorful. Nice job, Megan! The bandana idea is cute, too.

  3. I LOVE the hanging rainbows. Clever and thrifty. And the fruit still looked great even with out the cantaloupe.

  4. Love all the details.. those strip rainbows and the poms are fabulous, and the colour coordinated food looks yummy - can't wait to see your sweet treats!

  5. Looks like a great party - love the rainbows

  6. It is beautiful. I bet you had a great day.

  7. Everything looked really lovely! And your pom poms are especially cool.

  8. Oh I want to see more, like more of the crafty stuff. Dang I can't believe how awesome those pompoms look, and those rainbows are PERFECT. I seriously love how everything turned out, and I love the bandanas. Not tired of rainbows AT ALL, and really want to see more. Come link this up girl, you know I would love to have you, and share this with my readers.

    THANK you for checking my post out today, on the features. Makes me happy to see everyone was enjoying it. Those TP roll art, is amazing, I agree, and TOTALLY love it. Have plans for that, oh yes I do. Hope to see you tomorrow for **AMAZE me AUGUST**, Bella :)

  9. Stunning rainbow party! After watching these pictures I am getting so excited for my birthday party. I would like to add some similar decoration ideas in my party. Anyways, can you suggest a good party Venues in NYC for my party as well?


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