Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Wee Rainbow Scarf!

As soon as I saw this project at Childmade, I halted work on all of my current projects and headed directly to the fabric store to purchase six colors of fleece. 

It's so incredibly simple to make.  Fleece doesn't fray, so you just cut the pieces, sew the strips together and sew the cloud and pot at either end.  It brightens up an otherwise cold and gray Washington day!

Oh, and did I mention that the pot of gold is an actually a pocket for storing your St. Patrick's Day treats? 

Rolo, anyone? 

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Pussywillow Hat

Yes.  It's still cold enough for hat-donning here in Washington...winter hats and rain gear.  We do get the occasional sun break, during which we flock outdoors to photograph our crocheted hats.

Fashioned in the likeness of our neighbor's cat, Tinsel, I now present to you my first ever crocheted hat:

I'm not sure I got the placement of the ears just right.  Something about this hat suggests wombat rather than cat, and I think it's the ears.  Oh, well.  Susannah likes it and it fits her well. 

The original concept for this hat came from a pattern for a Kitty Cat Hat listed on Crochet Me.  I discovered the pattern through my favorite crochet blog, Crochet Every Day, where Megan (the proprietress) did a quicker Hello Kitty version of it.  Once I saw it I knew that Susannah needed one in gray!  The rest is crochet history. 


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Friday, March 4, 2011

Alphabet Projects

My child knows her alphabet and its many sounds, but she needs practice writing her letters - especially lower case.  The problem is that it's not her favorite thing to practice, and I want to keep it fun and stress-free.  Enter:  these cute letter projects I found at Totally Tots.  I use them to sweeten the deal.  Five year old practices writing upper and lower case letters, then she gets to make a coordinating art project.

Totally Tots did a series of "Now I Know My ABC's" posts a while back and they're a great resource for alphabet activities!  We've just been using their ideas for letter projects, but they also include books that go along with each letter.  Fun, huh?

This is what we have so far and I'm sure we'll be able to post the rest in the next couple of months!

*Update 1/18/12:  we made it through maybe half of the alphabet projects and then our enthusiasm died out.  Totally Tots has everything from A to Z if you want to see the rest!*