Friday, March 11, 2011

Pussywillow Hat

Yes.  It's still cold enough for hat-donning here in Washington...winter hats and rain gear.  We do get the occasional sun break, during which we flock outdoors to photograph our crocheted hats.

Fashioned in the likeness of our neighbor's cat, Tinsel, I now present to you my first ever crocheted hat:

I'm not sure I got the placement of the ears just right.  Something about this hat suggests wombat rather than cat, and I think it's the ears.  Oh, well.  Susannah likes it and it fits her well. 

The original concept for this hat came from a pattern for a Kitty Cat Hat listed on Crochet Me.  I discovered the pattern through my favorite crochet blog, Crochet Every Day, where Megan (the proprietress) did a quicker Hello Kitty version of it.  Once I saw it I knew that Susannah needed one in gray!  The rest is crochet history. 


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  1. The hat is really quite adorable. As is Susannah. :-)

  2. This is adorable, Megan! I love the pink inside the ears. Too cute!

  3. It's definitely still hat-donning weather here in New York, too, and I wish I had a hat this cute! I love the different textures in this hat, especially the chunkier rib around the bottom.

  4. This is SO CUTE!!! I've been knitting hats and bags and am always looking for cute ideas. :-)

  5. Adorable hat. In combination with the title it makes me think of Margaret Wise Browns fabulous Little Golden Book Pussy Willow about a kitten.

  6. The hat is adorable and so is your daughter. The scrunch face photo at the bottom made me grin.

  7. She looks so precious in that fun hat! I really like the edging--real style!

    Knit on!

  8. Oh my word! I love it! So very cute! And thanks for the sweet words. Your daughter definitely wears the hat well :)

  9. Such a cute hat, loved the grey and pink color combo too:)


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