Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Appropriate Time For Watermelons

Somewhere between going on vacation and being stricken by a mystery virus I seem to have lost my mojo.  My crafty mojo. 
I guess I'm just feeling kind of uninspired lately.  I'm  hoping things will return to normal once I get caught up on yard work and housework, once Susannah's ballet recital is over, once...I can't think of any more excuses.  I actually just finished a cake for my cousin's kids last weekend, but I had to almost force myself to work on it - a sure sign that something is "off" with Megan.  She LOVES cake-creating!  Usually she stays up late making cute little fondant creatures just for the fun of it.  (Another sign that I've lost my mojo:  I start referring to myself in third person.)

Luckily I have some stuff that I made last April that I've been waiting to share until it was more seasonally appropriate.  More watermelon stuff!  For me, watermelon spells summer - even though the words have but a few letters in common - but you know what I mean.  Remember the hot pad and potholder that I crocheted last summer?  Well, I combined them with a few more watermelon goodies to make a gift basket for my daughter's preschool fundraiser raffle.

Crocheted washcloths to match the potholder and hot pad, fabric coasters and a set of watermelon note cards.  Juicy!

Remember these watermelon cookies from last summer?  They would've made a nice addition, too! 

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