Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Appropriate Time For Watermelons

Somewhere between going on vacation and being stricken by a mystery virus I seem to have lost my mojo.  My crafty mojo. 
I guess I'm just feeling kind of uninspired lately.  I'm  hoping things will return to normal once I get caught up on yard work and housework, once Susannah's ballet recital is over, once...I can't think of any more excuses.  I actually just finished a cake for my cousin's kids last weekend, but I had to almost force myself to work on it - a sure sign that something is "off" with Megan.  She LOVES cake-creating!  Usually she stays up late making cute little fondant creatures just for the fun of it.  (Another sign that I've lost my mojo:  I start referring to myself in third person.)

Luckily I have some stuff that I made last April that I've been waiting to share until it was more seasonally appropriate.  More watermelon stuff!  For me, watermelon spells summer - even though the words have but a few letters in common - but you know what I mean.  Remember the hot pad and potholder that I crocheted last summer?  Well, I combined them with a few more watermelon goodies to make a gift basket for my daughter's preschool fundraiser raffle.

Crocheted washcloths to match the potholder and hot pad, fabric coasters and a set of watermelon note cards.  Juicy!

Remember these watermelon cookies from last summer?  They would've made a nice addition, too! 

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  1. I love all the watermelon fun! Great job! The pot holder is my favorite and the cookies look yummy too!


  2. Such cheery things...I hope I still have my mojo when I am done being busy...

  3. Cute gift set, Megan. I love the coasters. I'm not feeling super crafty these days, either. I have to force myself to do anything creative lately. Maybe it's the time of year?

  4. Those are very cute.Hope you get your energy back soon and are feeling better. Happy first day of summer.

  5. go on to get your crafty mojo back. there's just no way you can look at all of their beautiful 4th of July things without wanting to tackle them.

  6. What a great set! I hope it did well in the raffle. Very, very cute!!!


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