Friday, July 15, 2011

A Cake for a Camping Party Theme

Long time no see, guys!  The wait was worth it, though, because I'm showing off something both delicious and cute today (double-whammy!).  My cousin asked me to make a birthday cake for a camp out-themed birthday party and here she be, Mateys!  (I don't know any camping lingo so I'm resorting to pirate speak even though it has nothing to with anything here.)

I had so much fondant fun with this project!  I can't believe I was ever intimidated by this stuff.  It's so easy to work with and I love that I can just whip it out and work on the various pieces in my spare time.

No camp out cake would be complete without a campfire!  The stones and logs are fondant and the flames are colored candy melts.  Oh, and the mashed up graham crackers that I used in the fire pit flew around a bit when the candles were being blown out, so I might try to think of a substitute if I ever make this again.

Have you ever seen such a cute log?  The hatchet was cute, too, although you can't see it very well in this photo.

I got the idea for the birthday kids' heads peeking out of their respective tents from Lillybit21's flickr photo stream.  I just have to give her what the kids these days are calling a "shout out" because this is such a cute idea and her version is even cuter than mine!  I hope my overuse of the word 'cute' doesn't diminish it's meaning in any way.  The cuteness is just so overwhelming that I can think of no other adjectives right now...and I call myself an English Lit. major...tsk tsk tsk...


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