Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Polka Dot Party - Favors and Decorations

Okay.  This is the last time you'll have to hear about polka dots, I promise!  I must document the party favors and decorations so they can live eternally in the blogosphere - so just bear with me!  
Let's start with the favors, shall we?  Fabric-covered clothespins paired with coordinating gift tags...a cute way to spruce up present wrapping!  This was my first foray into Mod Podge and I think I'm hooked!  I used this tutorial to help me along.

Another new adventure for me was bow-making or clip-making...basically making cute hair accessories using grosgrain ribbon (which I ended up ordering from Hip Girl Boutique since the craft store didn't really have the cute polka dots I was looking for). 

Hip Girl is also where I found tutorials for making the ladybugs, the bow ties and the pom pom/korker things

I also made some magnets using scraps of polka dot paper and those flat glass beads.  I know this craft was all over the place not so long ago and I was happy to have an excuse to try it out!  I definitely see more of these in my future.  (The tutorial I finally settled on was this one from Not Martha.)  The ladybug cork boards were an impulse buy at the craft store - I love those little ladybug push pins and they made great favors!

I guess I should mention how party goers could win these fabulous prizes!  First, by wearing polka dots to the party and then by getting a bingo during our party game.  Polka Dot Bingo looks like this: 

I made it using any polka dotted clip art I could find - even an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini! 

Now on to the decorations, which were pretty simple this time around:  some streamers to decorate the dessert table, some random polka dot balloons and a couple tissue paper fans for the center pieces.

The balloons I had to order online from Party City because I couldn't find them in our local store - but they were definitely worth the extra shipping and handling because they're just so festive.  The tissue paper fans also came from Party City.  I just used my handy dandy glue gun to attach some card stock circles and wooden skewers to transform them into polka dot flowers!  The toadstools are little syrofoam thingies meant for floral arrangements that I found at Oriental Trading.  The containers are canned vegetable tins covered in card stock and filled halfway with marbles to give them some weight.

The streamers are home made by me, my circle paper punch, my glue stick and my sewing machine.  This is definitely a craft I'll revisit for future parties.  It's so easy and fun and versatile!

Whew!  I think I covered everything.  As always, if you have a question just shoot me an email!

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  1. Lovely - the ribbon ladybugs just might be my favorite...

  2. Super cute party ideas! Thanks for sharing. Any chance you'd be willing to share your polka dot bingo? It's adorable.

    wyler27 at gmail dot com


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