Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Preserving Fall with Mod Podge

The mad scientist has formaldehyde, the woodworker has shellac and the crafter has...Mod Podge!  I discovered that it can be used to somewhat preserve fall leaves!  It keeps them from getting totally brittle and dried out so they can be used for decorating.  See?  I made this garland of mod podged leaves and pine cones a couple weeks ago and it's holding up really well!

It was pretty simple, really.  I put one layer of Mod Podge on each side of the leaves while they were still fresh.  It takes quite awhile for each side to dry, but after the coats are complete the leaves are pretty sturdy!  I used a hole punch to make two holes in each leaf through which to feed the twine.  I also tied some random pine cones into the mix.  

Some leaves worked better than others for Mod Podging.  My neighbor's tree has beautiful red leaves (some manner of Maple) with feathery edges that shrunk and curled up after applying the Mod Podge - so I had to forgo that particular variety.   
Anyhow, I hope you find this helpful.  I realize it's a little late for fall projects now that Thanksgiving is almost here and you'll likely be switching out autumn for winter decor soon.  You could Pin it for next year, though! 

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  1. Very pretty and simpler than using wax!!

  2. This is so pretty - I love it (I like the addition of the pinecones!)


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