Monday, February 6, 2012

Mother Daughter Aprons For Valentine's Day

Who knows how long it'll last, but right now I'm on an apron-making roll!  Yup.  I'm going off the rails on an apron train.  You know, because hand made aprons put you in mind of Ozzy Osbourne, don't they?  Especially mother/daughter sets like these:

I love 'em!  The fabric is the same as my kitchen curtains, but these aren't staying with me.  They're for a raffle fundraiser to benefit a local preschool.  Maybe they aren't really Valentine-y, as the title of this post suggests, but check out these bad boys:

Mother/daughter dish towel aprons!  Originally they were both supposed to have the full towel across the front, but the towels shrunk so much when I washed them that they weren't wide enough for the mother size.  So, I added a "neck" to the white dish towel and a little spot for it to hang from the waistband.

(I promise the polka dot fabric isn't nearly as dizzying in person as it appears to be in these photos.)

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