Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cakes All A-Flutter

These two butterfly cakes that I recently made for friends can only be described as "fluttery."  Yes, it's a word...I checked.  (A particularly fun adjective to say if you roll your tongue on the "l" a little bit.  Flllluttery!  See?)

This creamsicle-inspired beauty was a smash cake for a one year old's photo shoot.  The photographer friend of mine who requested it gave me pretty much free reign as far as the design was concerned:  "not a very princess kind of a girl...outside in a field...maybe butterflies?"  I love free reign!  And I sure do like the color orange.  (And Dixie cups are delicious!) 

Isn't this a great photo taken by my friends Rose of RAW Graphics?  This is the first time any creation of mine has been professionally photographed and I just love it!  There are many more with the cute little birthday girl digging in to the creamsicle-y goodness on RAW Graphic's FaceBook page.  Rose takes such amazing photos for all occasions and I think I should hatch a plan to sneak my baked goods into the background of more of her photo shoots.

Flash back to March and this pastel butterfly cake, smash cake, and cupcakes that I made for a friend's little girl's first birthday party.  (Not mentioning names makes for some pretty tricky sentences...sorry.)

Fondant butterflies galore!  Very fluttery and buttery.  Literally.  There were some allergies to contend with so the frosting was all butter (instead of my usual half butter and half Crisco).  Turns out that smooth like buttah is a big fat lie! It was a challenge to get this frosting smooth without actually melting it, so I ended up going with a rough/rustic frosted look. 

Oh, the flutteryness!
 (Flutteryness may not be an actual word.)

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