Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Totally Fruity Mommy and Me Aprons

It's time for aprons from the archives because my posts of late have been too cake-y.  That's right.  I said cake-y.

First up, a set of mother/daughter aprons that I made for last year's (we're talking November 2011 here) fundraiser auction at my daughter's elementary school.  Lemon squeezy, no?

Another mother/daughter set.  This time for a silent auction at a local Beer for a Cure (American Cancer Society) fundraiser.

Another (you guessed it!) mother/daughter set for another (you guessed it!) fundraiser.  Making these back in October was the last time I sat in front of my sewing machine. 

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  1. I like the apples the best but they are all fun.

  2. Adorable, Megan! I love the apple set. Too cute!


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