Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thumb Print Teacher Appreciation Cards

I think it's important to get the students involved in teacher appreciation week.  Getting all 24+ students to make cards for their teacher, though, would be a logistical nightmare and just having the kids sign one card seems too impersonal.  

The solution?  THUMB PRINTS!  No two are alike and after they are decorated each child's personality really shines through!  

If your school's PTO/PTA is interested in doing this, here's what you'll need:
  • some cute sayings or poems that little thumb/finger prints can be incorporated into. - the more puns, the better! (You're welcome to borrow mine.)
  • a 12"x12" piece of scrap book paper for the main part of the card and coordinating cardstock for the words.
  • a 1" paper punch to cut out a bunch of blank circles.
  • ink pads in light colors
  • wet wipes
  • fine point, felt tip markers
  • glue stick
  • some time with the students
  • Ed Emberly has some books with great ideas for thumb print critters
The trickiest part is finding time with the students without the teacher present.  Luckily for me, our school librarian is a wonderful lady who let me invade her library time.  I showed up with some stamp pads, blank circles, markers, and a few examples and had groups of 5 or 6 kids rotate through.  I gave them a simple explanation of what we were making and why and they went to town.  Even the kindergartners did a great job! 

Some kids even wanted to do more than one, which was great since I wanted to make cards for the support staff as well.  By the way, make sure you have them write their names on the front of their circle when they're done.

Assembling the cards was a snap!  Just print out the poem and glue everything into place! 

On the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week, we displayed all the cards on the wall in the teacher's lounge.  All the teachers and staff got to see every style of card and then take theirs back to the classroom at the end of the week. 

It's been a year since we did this project and I still see many of these cards proudly displayed in classrooms and offices! 

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  1. What a clever idea - thumbprint art is always adorable and a great classic.


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