Friday, May 31, 2013

An Outdoor Pedal Party!

All seven of Susannah's birthday parties have been held outdoors at local parks.  We like to invite family, extended family and friends of all ages to her birthdays and our house really can't accommodate that many guests.  Plus, in the midst of party planning and preparation, who has time to clean the house?  Not this girl! 

September in Washington is kind of an Indian summer affair, so rain hasn't been a problem.  Just in case, though, we rent some type of covered shelter.  Usually, wind is the only concern - and that's fairly minor. 

Parks offer plenty of room to play games, too, and for this party we utilized all the wide open space with bike riding!  This was the summer that Susannah got really confident riding a bike with no training wheels.  She was outgrowing her little kid bike and we knew we'd be getting her a new one for her birthday - so we incorporated that into the theme!  The colors have significance, too.  Her first bike was a yellowish-gold color and her new bike was blue. 

All the kids brought their bikes and we supplied the decorations: balloons, streamers, ribbon, pipe cleaners, fake flowers, etc.  (We used blue painter's tape to prevent any damage to their paint jobs.)

I think the food tags are too small to read in this photo, so I'll decipher them for you because I would hate for the creativity to go unnoticed.  In the first column (top to bottom) we have "wheelie pasta salad" and "traffic lights."  In the second column we have "mud puddles" and "helmets and spokes."  (I know I got the traffic light fruit kabob idea from some party blog, but when I followed my pin to find out where so I could give them credit, the page is no longer available.)

I was thrilled to find a set of bicycle-themed stamps at the craft store and you can see that I relied pretty heavily on them.  The invitations, the streamers/banners, the food tags and the cupcake toppers all feature those cute's so much cheaper to go that route instead of purchasing decorations!

In closing, I'll leave you with one of Susannah's favorite jokes. 

Why couldn't the bicycle stand up?
Because it was two-tired!

(Get it?)

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  1. This is awesome Megan! Every birthday party you throw is fantastic! I can always see all the countless hours of planning and prep work you do to make them such a success. I also love all the puns ;) beautiful ombré cake too btw!

  2. Fabulous party! What a great idea for a theme, and so many great ideas on that theme too. Love it!

    Our daughters must be around the same age, as my daughter Cyan just turned 8 last weekend, she got confident on her learning bike last summer too, and we just bought her a big bike for her birthday this year!


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