Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Perfect Swarm

Bee-lieve me, you guys, this is the cutest bumble bee cake you'll ever see!  Hive gotta tell ya, I truly earned my stripes on this one.  Shaping those tiny little stingers and getting the delicate wings to stay in position is no joke, folks.   The end result was pure cuteness, though! 

Is it in poor taste to recycle bumblebee puns?  My gut says nope.  Besides, it has been almost three years since I posted about the Bumblebee Girl costume.  That's enough time for the corny puns to be funny again, right?

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  1. I love their darling little smiles!! Great job on the cake!!

  2. It is so so adorable, as always. I love your cakes!

  3. Absolutely adorable, your cakes are amazing! I bet whoever this cake was for was buzzing when they saw it ;)


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