Monday, June 10, 2013

Father's Day-Worthy Man Cakes

For the mechanic man.  Specifically, Volkswagen mechanic man:

[Side story:  I used to drive a VW.  A '79 Rabbit.  I'd like to think I'd still have that car if my sister hadn't totalled it.  The accident wasn't her fault but she was driving it without my permission.  In anticipation of being gone for ten months, I was keeping it parked at my Mom's house.  I should have taken the keys with me to South Cackalacky to ensure that it stayed put in my absence.  Alas, my little sister commandeered my beloved vehicle (for a trip to WalMart of all places!) and that was her last voyage - the car, not my sister.  My sister was fine - which made it really easy to be mad at her.]

For the man who is more than meets the eye:
(Alternate title:  For the man who has transformed your a good way.)

This was actually a birthday cake for a little boy, hence the cupcake toppers, but it would work for any Transformers fan - young or old.  Nothing says "manly" like fondant flames and Decepticons, am I right?

[Credits: free Transformer font from Fontspace.]

For the sophisticated Scrabble man:

This was actually made for my husband's birthday so I put his first initial and his age on the tile.

[Credits: I got the idea for this cake from Flickr.]

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  1. All of them are fabulous - but the Scrabble cake is easily clever - I love how you incorporated his initial and age...

  2. These are all pretty cool - and manly! I especially like the scrabble one too :)


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